Agera Oxy Infusion Cream

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Agera Oxy Infusion Cream is an oxygenating cream based with a stabilized hydrogen peroxide (H202) rather than benzyl peroxide.  The natural enzyme lysozome, isolated from eggs, is designed to work with hydrogen peroxide against bacteria. 

This cream is a stabilised 6% hydrogen peroxide formulation that has significant anti-bacterial properties. It is recommended that it is applied as a spot treatment directly onto the individual pimples. 

Skin Types

Designed for oily or problem prone skin.


2 ounce


Best results are obtained when used with Agera Antibacterial Peptide Cream RX.  Apply Agera Antibacterial Peptide Cream RX to clean skin and follow with a thin, even layer of Aerobic Infusion Cream.  Do not rinse.  After application, you may proceed with your existing skin care regimen.  Recommended as an oxygen treatment, or as an acne treatment cream when used with Agera Catalase Anhydro Gel.

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