AminoGenesis Spotlight Skin Brightener and Corrector

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AminoGenesis Spotlight Skin Brightener and Corrector contains the latest skin brightening ingredients that are proven to visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots (hyperpigmentation) and skin discoloration.

This treatment for hyperpigmentation helps even and brighten skin tone to give you a more uniform complexion. This powerful formula features a proprietary complex made up of a unique blend of skin brighteners that work at multiple levels to address the appearance of dark spots. Spot Light delivers dramatic results and is even suitable for those with sensitive skin.

AminoGenesis Spotlight Skin Brightener and Corrector features three of the latest skin tone perfecting ingredients:

A skin brightening complex of botanical origin. Developed from alpine plants, Gigawhite has been shown to visibly brighten and even skin tone.

Obtained from the roots of Boerhaavia Diffusa. It concentrates on helping to improve the appearance of skin color irregularities for a more even and uniform complexion.

Natural apple extracts have been added into this treatment for hyperpigmentation. These natural extracts have potent anti-aging benefits. They hydrate the skin as effectively as hyaluronic acid while providing additional antioxidant benefits to the skin. 

If your skin is lackluster, uneven or has lots of spots, try AminoGenesis Spotlight Skin Brightener and Corrector today!

Skin Types

Suitable for all skin types


1 ounce


In the morning and evening, apply to areas of concern on the hands, face, and decollete.

Additional Information

Paraben and Gluten Free

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