The Incredible, Edible Cucumber!

Cucumbers are more than just a tasty and refreshing snack.  They have been eaten for hundreds of years to help lower cholesterol, relieve arthritis pain, help with weight loss, regulate digestion, and even keep bad breath at bay.
With all the great health benefits of cucumbers, people often overlook the benefits of cucumbers for skin care!  Let's visit that topic, shall we?
The stereotypical spa picture is a lady in a towel with goop on her face and cucumber slices on the eyes, right?  There's actually a reason beyond how cool it looks as to why cucumber slices are used around the delicate eye area.  Cucumber's cooling properties help reduce eye puffiness thanks to their ascorbic and caffeic acid content, and their fantastically high water content helps to hydrate the skin without loading up on thick creams.
In addition, cucumbers contain high amounts of magnesium, potassium, and silica which are excellent for the skin.  Magnesium is excellent for keeping breakouts and wrinkles at bay; potassium helps skin retain its moisture content; and silica is a fantastic anti-aging nutrient.  Skin care products that contain cucumber extracts are generally cooling, anti-aging, and hydrating.
Just one look at all the great products with cucumber as an ingredient, and you'll understand just how much of a skin care powerhouse such a simple veggie truly is!

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