Planting the Idea of Stem Cells for Skin Care

If you follow skin care trends, you've almost certainly seen information regarding stem cells as ingredients in skin care products, especially anti-aging products.  Don't worry - the stem cells used in skin care products are extracted from plants - which means you can enjoy the benefits without the controversies associated with human stem cells!

Stem cells are fascinating - they are "unprogrammed" cells which means they can morph into cells with specific functions based on what the host body - plant or animal - needs, AND they are able to renew themselves and divide almost without limit.

Plant stem cells take this approach without the controversies related to human stem cells, and scientists have discovered a positive link between plant stem cells and the anti-aging/anti-wrinkling processes of human skin.  In fact, clinical studies have shown that plant stem cells promote collagen production which helps increase cellular turnover and keep skin looking more youthful and radiant!  In addition, plant stem cells have been shown to naturally increase hyaluronic acid in the skin to improve skin's moisture retention.

The process to extract plant stem cells requires incredible precision - they are cultivated in highly controlled laboratory environments because the need to prevent contamination is extremely important.  Plant stem cells most commonly come from fruits like apples, herbs like European comfrey (also called symphytum), or trees and shrubs like argan.

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