Clinical Aesthetics Glycolic 8% Treatment Pads

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An 8% concentration of Glycolic Acid in an easy to use pad. It's great for use for both breakouts and anti-aging. It penetrates pores to remove excess oils, fats and other lipids associated with oily and acne-prone skin. Pores are less likely to become clogged and cause breakouts when surface oils and dead skin cells are eliminated. When applied it weakens the bonds between the lipids and dead skin cells of the upper layer of the epidermis causing the skin to exfoliate which helps speed healing. Regular use helps prevent breakouts, improves softness, texture and acne scarring. Glycolic Acid 8% exfoliates, deep cleanses pores, and helps even skin tone and fade discolorations and soften scarring and fine lines and wrinkles. Witch Hazel Extract helps reduce redness and swelling associated with recurrent breakouts and acts as an astringent, causing tissues to contract to help shrink pores which may prevent bacteria from infecting your skin.

Directions: Cleanse and allow to dry. Wipe pad lightly across all affected areas. Use twice daily. Allow to dry before continuing with other treatment products. Great for use after sweating whether hot weather or exercise, the combination of sweat, heat, and friction can lead to clogging of pores. Plus, sweat on your skin may hold bacteria in place. 

Ingredients: Water, SD Alcohol 40, Glycolic Acid, Ammonium Glycolate, Witch Hazel Extract, Polysorbate-20.

Size: 60 pads