Pevonia: An Introduction to a Luxurious Brand

Pevonia Botanica is the ONLY full face and body line available that offers rich, powerful, and nature-derived botanical ingredients.  It is a highly versatile product line which caters to all skin types - even the most sensitive skin - because their laboratories have meticulously eliminated every possible allergenic agent, sensitizer, and photosensitizer.  In addition, products may be interchanges to accommodate any skin type, or you may choose a complete, pre-prepared regimen based on your skin type.

Pevonia products are never tested on animals and contain no mineral oils, lanolin, artificial fragrances, or artificial colorants.  Every product is also PABA- and alcohol-free in addition to containing only the finest, most non-comedogenic ingredients such as nourishing extracts, essential oils, and vegetable oils which work to hydrate and repair your skin.

Pevonia's Dry and Sensitive Skin Care Lines
These products contain organic ingredients including allantoin, azulene, chamomile, and rose essential oil in order to repair, hydrate, heal, and calm skin.  Many of the dry skin line products contain Escutox, a patented ingredient made to simulate Botox in order to help relax the fine lines associated with aging.  Those with sensitive skin can benefit greatly from the Rosacea Treatment; this product has been infused with rose essential oils that provide a warm, calming experience for skin that soothes redness.

Pevonia's Combination and Oily Skin Care Lines
These products contain ingredients such as lactic acid, azulene, lemon, and mandarin essential oils in order to purify the skin as well as balance and provide oil control.  The grapefruit essential oil, Vitamin E, and aloe serve to brighten, moisturize, and nourish the skin.

Pevonia's Skin Care Line for Men
Pevonia has formulated an exclusive and complete line of skin care products designed specifically for men's skin.  Many of the products have stellar anti-aging properties and ingredients such as Escutox, marine collagen, and Vitamin C.  These ingredients plus green tea and chamomile combine to prevent shaving sensitivity and smooth wrinkles while keeping a man's pH balance in mind.

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