Alas, Acne - What It Is and What To Do

Acne is perhaps the most common - and most annoying - of facial ailments.  When I turned 18, I thought my skin would magically clear up because I was technically an adult.  I thought the same thing at 21, 25, and again at 30... but no luck yet!  As it turns out, I am simply lucky enough to have the predisposition for acne.  Y..yay?

Acne is, after all, genetic - and it's a dominant gene, too!  That means when both parents have acne-prone skin, three out of four of their children are likely to have it as well.  Did you know that about 99% of boys and 90% of girls under age 25 have acneic breakouts?  But that isn't where the fun ends - more than 50% of people over age 25 continue to experience breakouts well into their 40s - and beyond in some cases.  Ugh.

So what is acne, anyway?

There are actually many different types of acne, although 95% of all cases is thanks to Acne Vulgaris. (Nice name, eh?)  With Acne Vulgaris, a breakout occurs when a hair follicle channel gets blocked - usually with environmental debris - but the sebaceous gland continues to produce sebum.  (Sebum is the fancy term for oil all over your face.)  The blockage keeps the sebum from leaving the channel, so the channel simply inflates full of sebum.  Before long, bacteria reaches the sebum through the channel and begins to work its magic, putrefying the sebum and causing some serious ickiness - what we call pimples.

While it may be tempting to pop those suckers as they emerge, try your very best to hold off.  Popping pimples causes that bacteria-filled sebum to spread to other areas of your face where it can begin the process of creating more pimples.

Instead, you want to try to prevent the problem entirely, right?  In order to do that, you must prevent the clogging of the hair follicle channels, remove excess sebum, and be sure to kill the bacteria inside and around the pores.

On a professional level, this can be accomplished with facials and mild peels - and while that is certainly recommended, we at understand that not everyone can book with an esthetician as often as they might prefer.  To that end, we carry a variety of products for all skin types to help keep acneic breakouts at bay.

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