Kimberly's Outdoor Tips

Kimberly, the owner of the Kimberly Spa & Beauty family, stopped by to share some tips for having a great, safe time outdoors.  Prepare yourself for a fantastic summer with her sage advice!

"I think that everyone needs to get themselves outside and into nature as often as they can.  However you choose to spend your outdoor time, taking care of your skin can be simple as long as you remember to ‘Prepare, Prevent, & Preserve’ the health of your skin!  When you dress to go outside, you think about the weather, the temperature etc., right?  Do the same for your skin to help prepare for the day.

"If your skin is oily or acne-prone, make sure to wash your face as soon as you’re done sweating to help prevent those annoying breakouts.  I have an easy, inexpensive suggestion for you to be more proactive. Wet some Viva paper towels with distilled water, add 1 very small drop of your Visual Changes Skin Clearing Cleanser to each towel and place in a zippy bag.  Voila! You’re ready for even the most rugged outdoor activities!

"Sunscreen, of course, is a must have item for your outdoor lifestyle that will help prepare and preserve your skin.  Prevent new sun damage while preserving the moisture you already have.  We carry sunscreens with SPFs up to 60.  You can even get them with a hint of tint added to help hide any dark spots that you may already have.  Cool, huh?  Head outside and have some fun!"

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