Callus 101: A Crash Course

It's summer, and that means chanclas! But not even the most gorgeous of toenail polishes will give you the confidence to step out in a pair of adorable chanclas if you have major calluses, so let's talk removal and prevention.

A callus is basically a rough, tough spot of skin.  They can occur anywhere on the body, but they are most common on your feet and hands.  Calluses occur due to repeated pressure, friction, or other irritations, and while they are not generally harmful, they can lead to other issues such as cracking and bleeding.

The cool thing is that calluses are quite easy to prevent.  Wearing well-made and well-fit footwear or gloves is the best step towards callus prevention.  It is also important to keep your hands and feet hydrated as this will keep your skin soft and supple.  You can also keep a pumice stone handy to scrub your hands and feet 2-3 times per week as an added measure towards preventing calluses.

But what if the callus is already present?  They are happily treatable!  Sometimes, they'll simply go away by themselves if the source of irritation is removed, but that does take time.  To hasten their departure, try using a pumice stone, a dissolving agent with salicylic acid and keratolytic agents... or hey, get a professional pedicure!  Who doesn't love a pedicure?

We also carry some excellent products to help keep calluses at bay. Check out Qtica's Intense Overnight Repair Balm for Hands or Feet as well a a pumice stone alternative in our Super Pro 3-n-1 Foot File.

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