Yum Yum Vitamin A

No one can realistically argue the value of vitamins.  We routinely seek out foods and supplements to provide our bodies with important vitamins and minerals for a variety of health benefits.

But that is all internally-focused information.  Did you know that vitamins are equally important to the external health of your skin?  It’s true!  Many skin care lines are incorporating some incredibly powerful vitamins into their products in order to give your skin the health benefits it deserves.

In this insightful, 3-part series, we will explore vitamins A, B, and C with a focus on their externally applied healthy skin benefits.

Spotlight This Week: Vitamin A!

You’re familiar with the anti-aging and anti-acne superstar retinoids, right?  Retinoids and their derivatives (like retinol or Retin-A) are topical versions of Vitamin A.

Did you know that over 700 dermatological studies have been done on the benefits of retinoids in skin care?  Time and time again, science proves that Vitamin A is one of the most powerful wrinkle-fighting vitamins out there – this gives skin a more youthful appearance and more even texture.  Awesome!

How It Works

Vitamin A is converted by the body into retinolic acid which forces your skin cells to turn over more quickly.  This brings fresh, new skin cells up to the surface resulting in even skin tone and texture.  It stimulates the dermis to boost collagen production and strengthen blood vessels, meaning your skin locks in its natural moisture much more effectively and retains its youthful plumpness.

Some Quick Tips

New skin cells are, in general, more sensitive than older cells.  Due to this fact and Vitamin A’s nature, we highly recommend keeping sunscreen handy while using products rich with retinoids.  Also, you may notice redness or irritation on your skin while using retinoid products.  This is not an unusual occurrence by any means, but it does indicate that you need to reduce your usage of the product.  Try cutting the number of times you incorporate your Vitamin A product in half, or maybe just start with once per week and gradually increase your usage from there.  This helps your skin build up a tolerance to retinoid sensitivity without losing all the incredible benefits.

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