B Smart About Vitamin B

Last week, we discussed the myriad of benefits surrounding Vitamin A in skin care.  So let’s travel further along the alphabet for more great vitamin-related information.

Spotlight This Week: Vitamin B!

There is a significant array of skin care benefits specific to the individual B-group vitamins.  We’ll explore the most prolific of the B-group vitamins in more detail below.

Vitamin B3

Known in skin care circles as a “skincare hero,” Vitamin B3 is clinically proven to assist with treating and improving some common yet embarrassing skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, and eczema among many others.  Vitamin B3’s common name is Niacin; niacin and its derivatives (such as niacinamide) are found in skin care products designed to boost moisture content in the skin and lessen the effects of aging.  Along those lines, Vitamin B3 has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and even effectively serve as a skin-lightening ingredients.

Vitamin B5

Found in many products designed for acneic or oily skin, Vitamin B5 – also called panthenol or pantothenic acid - breaks down the oils caused by triglycerides (definition) and cholesterol.  Studies have also shown that, when used in conjunction with Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 promotes more rapid healing of surface wounds or abrasions.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin – known as pyridoxine - is lauded for its contributions to oil production control and keeping acneic breakouts to a minimum, though it is known to work best for pre-menopausal women.  Hair treatments with Vitamin B6 are excellent for keeping dandruff at bay.

Vitamin B12

This powerful vitamin, also known as cobalamin, is fantastic for brightening a pallid complexion by regulating your skin’s pigment production, and it works wonders to lessen hyperpigmentation.  It has been clinically proven to improve moisture retention in the skin and promotes cell production – which leads to a significant reduction in visible signs of aging – and who doesn’t LOVE that?

Vitamin B Deficiency Warning Signs

Your skin will not hesitate to tell you if you are lacking B-group vitamins.  The most common signs of a deficiency include dryness and flakiness of the skin and more pronounced fine lines or wrinkles.

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