Up and Coming in Skin Care: Marula Oil

Using oil as a facial treatment, regardless of skin type, has been going strong for centuries - but not very long at all in the United States.  Grapeseed oil has been one of the most popular choices, but there's a new oil in town: Marula.

Marula oil comes from the tree of the same name found in southern parts of Africa and Madagascar.  This tree and its fruits gained notoriety after the 1974 film "Animals are Beautiful People" which depicted monkeys, elephants, and warthogs consuming fallen, fermented marula fruit and becoming intoxicated.  Rumors of drunken animals in those regions still persist today.

So what makes marula oil good for the skin?

The oil of the seed kernels contains astounding levels of antioxidants and vitamins like Vitamins C and E in addition to essential amino acids that boost collagen production and protect the skin from environmental damages.  Clinical trials have shown that, over time, marula oil can even begin to reverse the effects of photo-aging on the skin!  This gives you a more youthful, brighter complexion while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and boosting elasticity to keep skin firmer.  In addition, it's a fabulous moisturizer.

Marula oil is used locally as an anti-inflammatory and heralded for its antimicrobial properties which help alleviate minor pains.  Some people use it to relieve the aches associated with scorpion stings or snake bites (though we recommend you see a doctor).

If you are interested to see all the wonderful things marula oil can do for you, check out the latest from AminoGenesis: Marula Facial Oil!

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