Hey Honey, How Are You?

Honey has played an important part of skin care and beauty routines for centuries.  Nefertiti, whose name meant "the beauty has come," regularly incorporated honey into her skin care regimens, and that's talking about almost 3500 years ago!  Let's talk about what makes honey such an awesome skin care ingredient - either in products or on its own.
As a natural antibacterial, using honey in acne-fighting products is a great choice.  Because of the broad range of bacteria that honey can kill, it has long been used to treat blemishes and other small wounds like scrapes and cuts with great success.  Clinical studies have shown that honey helps to clear out blocked pores and even reduce the scarring associated with problematic breakouts.
Honey is also chock full of antioxidants and skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals that make it a major player in the anti-aging skin care field.  The humectant properties of honey mean that it can attract and retain moisture which helps keep skin hydrated - extremely important for keeping mature skin from losing its natural moisture content.
Not just for skin, honey has been used to keep hair shiny and thick for centuries as well!  Check out our extensive variety of honey-enriched products  for both skin and hair right here on KimberlyBeauty.com.

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