Smoke It Out: an Eye Makeup Tutorial

Our professional makeup artist Kara joins us to share one of her favorite makeup looks and how to accomplish it!

"Smoky eye makeup (often referred to as 'the little black dress of makeup') elevates your evening look to something truly dramatic and sultry!

"First of all, I want to start by saying that 'smoky eye' is a technique, and there are many different ways to do it... and there are many different colors you can use to achieve it! If you are going for drama, you would probably want to smoke it out on the lid. If you want something more subtle, you would smoke it out on the outer edges of your eye."

Now what does she mean by “smoke it out?”

"'Smoke it out' means to take your eyeliner pencil and color in your lower lid (right above your top lashes) and line under your lower lashes. You don’t have to make the line super straight because we are going to smudge the liner with a small brush. I love using Youngblood’s Crease/Smudge brush!

"The more natural way to 'smoke it out' would be just to line the lower lash line and the outer corner of your top lid, then blend with the same brush. Now, when it comes to choosing a color to achieve your smoky eye a good rule of thumb is…whatever eyeliner color you choose, choose 1 shade lighter to blend the liner, and 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone for the crease.

"Follow up with your favorite under-brow color and voila…Smoky Eyes!"

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