Valuable Tips to Reduce Acne

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne in adults is on the rise for women over 25 and continues well into their 40s and 50s! Regardless of your age or sex or ethnicity, acne is downright annoying – but we've compiled some great tips for you to reduce breakouts.

Keep your skin clean! This is as easy as finding the right cleanser for your skin and taking care to cleanse properly in the morning and before bed – and throughout the day if you need to. Talk to your esthetician about finding the right products for your skin type... or ask us by commenting below.

No touching! Try your hardest not to touch your face during the day. The dirt and bacteria on your hands can easily get into your skin through your pores and cause breakouts. Most importantly, no picking! If you need extractions, schedule an appointment with your esthetician who can do it properly without the risk of infection.

Rethink your laundry! It’s best not to use fabric softener on your pillow cases as the softener may irritate your facial skin which can lead to blemishes.

Consider your diet! Take a look at your eating habits. Try to limit your intake of greasy foods and dairy products as these can cause hormonal reactions – which can upset your skin and cause breakouts.

Invest in a spot treatment! Find a great spot treatment for your skin type, and keep it handy at all times. If you get a midday breakout or notice a pimple starting to form, apply the spot treatment and watch it start to disappear.

Carry facial wipes with you during the day! Not only will they help keep your skin blemish-free, but they are a rejuvenating and refreshing pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon, especially on hot days.

And, of course, schedule a custom facial with your esthetician! This experience will not only get you on the right track to keeping your face free from breakouts, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss a skin care regimen and best practices with a professional whose goal is your clear skin!

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