Hey! Your Epidermis is Showing!

Great skin isn't confined to your face. If you want to really glow with healthy skin, you have to take care of ALL of it. Your skin is your body's largest organ - by FAR - and having great skin all over is your first line of defense against diseases or infections. Show your body a little love by taking care of your skin just a little bit better using these simple tips.

Wear sunscreen!

Seriously, daily sunscreen isn't just for your face. Any exposed skin should have sunscreen of at least 15 SPF applied daily - and ideally, a higher SPF applied more often! Start with diligently putting sunscreen on your hands every day if it's hard for you to change your body care routine, then work up to all your exposed areas of skin.

Dry Joints

Dry skin on your joints is easy to ignore since most people aren't paying attention to those areas, but cracking in the skin doesn't keep your body's natural barrier in tact. Pay attention to these areas and keep them moisturized, especially in the winter. Try some rich body lotions or a few drops of hydrating vitamin E oil.

Body Acne

Acne isn't just on the face. You can get acneic breakouts anywhere, though you'll see them more often on your face because of your oil production. If you are prone to body acne, especially on your back and shoulders, invest in a body wash that contains at least 1.25% salicylic acid - that should take care of the acne-causing bacteria without irritating your skin.

Foot Care

Your feet! Lord have mercy, your feet. If you are like most people, you probably neglect your feet. Scheduling regular pedicures is the ideal way to keep your feet healthy (and beautiful, of course), but if that isn't a possibility for your schedule, try using a pumice stone in the shower to keep your feet smooth, and pick out a really good foot lotion with alpha-hydroxy acids to naturally and gently exfoliate.

Moisturized Legs

If you're a lady, there's a good chance you are already exfoliating your legs regularly by shaving - but if not, or if you aren't using properly moisturizing shaving products, you may have dry legs. To be safe, apply body lotion to your legs right out of the shower - that helps to lock in moisture!

Body Wash

Guys, a special note for you: we know you love bar soaps in the shower because they're so simple - and they're great if your skin tends to be on the oily side. But if you have dry skin, or if your skin gets drier in the colder months, consider switching to a liquid body wash or gel. Those are more moisturizing than bar soaps, plus there is less product waste!

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